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 Sanctuary's Application

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PostSubject: Sanctuary's Application   Fri Nov 07, 2008 2:35 am

As with the Goonies, please provide us some basic information about you. There is a level requirement to join Sanctuary, however, it is nothing like Goonies' requirements. The minimum level to join Sanctuary is level 50. All applicants who apply to join the clan must be able to provide the admission fee of 130k. This fee is required in order to proceed with acceptance into our "Academy" clan for The Goonies. Sanctuary is a haven clan to those who wish to learn how a clan operates. You will be taught how to brew, manage your guilds (if you wish for help), and PvP. If you plan on joining Sanctuary in hopes to get hand outs, catered to, or to beg for things - Do Not Apply. Our goal is to teach the player how to fend for themselves while having fun. All applicants are subject for approval by those who are currently in Sanctuary and by those who are in The Goonies. Until each member has voted, no decision will be made. Please copy and paste the information below into a new thread.

Your Name:
Your Age:
Time zone:

How many hours per day do you play?

Now please take the time to provide us some information about the character you've chosen to create on Dark Swords.

Character Name:
Basic build (i.e. race):
Do you have or plan to have religion? If so, what "cult" is your character devoted to?
Why do you want to join Sanctuary?

After applying, please contact Ariyana or inertia in game so that your application may be reviewed.
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Sanctuary's Application
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